The Anglican Orthodox

Southern Episcopal Church

Grounded in history, living the Gospel in the present

About us....

The Anglican Orthodox Southern Episcopal Church is an evangelical, liturgical, community of Christians with congregations and/or ministries in Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Ohio, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, and other states.

We are Anglican in practice, but broad enough to welcome and work with Christians of other traditions.

Our belief and practice are traditional, believing that any innovation must meet the test of Holy Scripture, Tradition, and Reason. We are a Church firmly committed to demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ to all persons in our worship and in our daily lives. 

We are more than just a worship community, and you will find our clergy at work, not only in Church, but in education, chaplaincy, counseling, domestic violence intervention, corrections,  substance abuse treatment, and other fields which serve others.

We welcome you to explore these pages and learn more about our work and beliefs, and of course, we would enjoy meeting you in person as well!